Cloud Backup

DataGuard is a custom cloud backup solution offered exclusively by Computer One. You’ve always heard how important your backups are and how you should do them routinely. Well we’re all human, and can’t always remember/perform a backup on a regular basis. DataGuard is a fully automated backup solution that stores your data on secure Computer One servers.

Backing up your data should never have to be a painful lesson learned. We can backup documents, pictures, emails, financials, records, and more.

DataGuard Features

  • 100GB of Cloud Storage
  • NO Bandwidth Throttling, which means maximum upload/download speeds
  • 100% Fully Automated Backup
  • SSL Encrypted
  • 100% Secure Storage, no one but you can see your data, not even us

DataGuard is a yearly subscription at a rate of $135 per year per workstation, that is only $11.25 per month for peace of mind!

If you’re looking to backup server data, such as SQL databases or Exchange, please contact us for pricing.