Custom Computers

Computers come in all shapes and sizes these days, and no doubt you’ve either owned an HP, Dell, or some other major brand. I’m willing to bet that at some point the hardware in that machine broke down and needed to be repaired, and you had to call technical support, and possibly even ship it out for 2-5 weeks. It’s not fun to have your machine break down, and it’s even worse when you’ll be left stranded in the web of technical support phone numbers and shipping headaches.

We know that people want good, reliable machines, and if/when they break down, they want them back, and in a reasonable timeframe. Computer1 has been building custom desktops for over a decade now and we still believe that nothing can be more reliable than good parts, and good service. We put in quality parts that over time, have proven themselves as such, instead of just using the lowest bidder.

Our team of technicians will listen to what your needs are and recommend a system that will not only be able to handle those tasks with ease, but at the same time be reliable and hold up over time. We then build it in our store, make sure your up to date on all the required software, so that when you take it home, you just have to push the power button.

Computer One supports all their machines for 1 year with parts and labor for all the hardware. Just bring it in to us and in most cases, you can pick it up next day, ready to go.